• Altima Business Solutions Strategy
    Altima Business Solutions Strategy


The daily hustle of a business lends itself to a world of chaos and confusion. We assess your company’s 9 organs to prevent gaps, weaknesses and inconsistencies, virtually ensuring your desired outcomes.


Freeing up time for improved decision-making, we administer your finances to deliver a fit-for-purpose financial management and planning to help businesses manage their growth.


Running a successful business requires more than hard work. We help you identify the right lenders and investors, and make the important connections.



Combining technology such data analysis tools with practical expertise, we develop and execute marketing and branding strategies aligned with your overarching business goals.


Entrepreneurs quickly learn how lonely it is at the top where the company’s success rest on your shoulders. Top entrepreneurs use advisory boards to shoulder them. We are your partner.


Phoenix Area Office
1820 East Ray Road
Chandler, Arizona 85225


Tucson Area Office
5215 North Sabino Canyon Road
Tucson, Arizona 85745

Austin Area Office
700 Lovaca Street
Austin, Texas 78701