Merchant funding has been estimated to be approximately 3 billion dollars a year to small businesses.

What is Merchant Funding?

Merchant Funding is a cash advance against the future credit card receivables. It is not a loan but rather a sale of future credit and debit card transactions.

How does Merchant Funding work?

A Merchant Funding company will provide funds to the business in exchange for a percentage of daily credit or debit card income. The repayment will be drawn daily from the business customers’ credit and debit card purchases, directly by the merchant service that processes the card transactions.

For example:

  • Wilson Manufacturing sells on average $25,000 per month and can request funding up to three times its sale i.e. $75,000 against its future credit and debit card sales.
  • Wilson Manufacturing receives immediately a $75,000 lump sum payment.
  • Wilson Manufacturing’ merchant service provider will withdraw daily, from every credit and debit card sale, a percentage to repay the financing company (typically 15% or greater) until the entire $75,000 have been collected.

Who uses Merchant Funding?

Merchant Funding is often used for retailers who do not qualify for a bank loan but also those with an immediate need for cash. An application for this type of merchant cash advance is much faster than for a conventional funding. Retail businesses with seasonal sales cycle may benefit from the flexibility of repayment fluctuating with the daily sales.

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Author: Andre F. Wilson Sr., Managing Partner, Altima Business Solutions

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