As partner and director of strategy for Altima Business Solutions, my job is to increase profitability right now sustainable through tomorrow and beyond. My secret sauce? I free up management time. Think about it: how much more successful would you be if you could focus 90% or greater of your energies on what moves your needle?

Time has become one of the most precious commodities, just behind knowledge (cf. 3 Moves To Reap The gold Of The New Knowledge Economy). As an entrepreneur, there are never enough hours in the day to accomplish all of what your business requires let alone for family or relaxation time.

Working strategically is a very efficient way to manage your time and sustainably grow your business. Strategy applies not only to make important decisions but also to improve the daily tasks by working smarter through systems and processes (cf. Strategy). What if even mundane tasks could be done more efficiently and in no-time?

Here are the top 3 apps we use every day which save us tons of time:

Camcard: is the easiest app to manage and exchange business cards. Take a picture of any business card with your phone, add notes, category, etc. It will immediately populate your contacts and also build a separate database that you can access on any device, including desktop, and easily export.

Producteev: is a social task management application. Much more efficient than your to-do list. It will let you manage your tasks, assign tasks to team members who will receive an email notification, easily integrate with your calendar and remind you of deadlines.

Keeper: is the best password management system. You will only need to remember one single password to access this little vault, which safely keep all others. Keeper can generate strong passwords for you.


Did I mention that all these apps offer a free version? Bonus!


If you want to get more out of your day and your business, you are going to have to get great at improving all of your processes and strategically plan a course of action, prioritizing and eliminating opportunities (not all opportunities are good or beneficial to participate in now). It could save you anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes every day and increase your bottom line by 15% to 20%.

What could you do with extra time and extra profits this year?


Author: Carine Dieudé, Partner, Director of Strategy, specializes in growth strategies, systems and operations, for small and medium size businesses.


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