Cash flow problems are some of the most common difficulties small businesses encounter. Yet it doesn’t necessary mean that they are not profitable. Profit is the surplus after all expenses are deducted from revenue. Cash flow, on the other end, is the inflow and outflow of money from a business. It is the cash necessary to pay employees, operating costs and purchase inventory.

This lack of liquidity is a common challenge for inventory based businesses.


Case Study:

Industry: Aerospace


Subject: Aftermarket aircraft-parts supply company


Circumstance: Having to maintain a sizeable inventory to satisfy regular demand which ties up a large portion of its cash, the company approached Altima Business Solutions in order to quickly complete the purchase of expensive aviation parts to fulfill an out-of-the-ordinary order from one of its regular clients for a generous profit. Many aviation/aerospace companies with less than $5MM in sales find it difficult to maintain a solid banking relationships for lines of credit and other credit facilities. Banks have not fully engaged the aerospace/aviation industry as suitable risk. Much education must be undertaken by the banking community to fully understand the risk and high rewards that come from this sector. With that being said, Altima Business Solutions was able to develop and execute a solution for the company that allows for sustainable growth.


Solution: In less than two weeks, Altima Business Solutions structured a financing agreement with one of its in-network lenders and negotiated a term sheet to the satisfaction of the company. Solely based on the company’s existing inventory, the lender provided them with a $700,000 credit facility that has the capability to grow as the company needs. Altima Business Solutions designed the strategy to incorporate a lender that understands the dynamics as well as ebb and flow of the aerospace/aviation industry. Because the lender had an intricate knowledge and understanding, the company received a higher than expected credit facility with an open opportunity to increase to meet the demand that the company may have to fulfill and continue its upward trend.



The company fulfilled its initial Purchase Order request and has received additional orders from larger clients, which without a credit facility in place, they would not have been able to accept because of the costs for inventory, production, fulfillment and terms clients demanded.


Author: André Wilson ‘The Banker’, Managing Partner, Business Funding, former Wall Street investment banker, specializes in structuring and securing capital for small and medium size businesses.

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