Growing your business through mergers & acquisitions

A software company with a SaaS model for security monitoring was interested in acquiring competitor with advanced technologies to better their systems as well as improve their competitive advantage. The firm was referred to Altima Business Solutions by a banking group who was unable to assist with placement or funding opportunity.

Upon review of the acquisition documents and due diligence on the company to be acquired, Altima Business Solutions was able to negotiate a better offering. The cost of acquisition was lowered and the capital required up front from acquirer reduced. It resulted in securing mergers & acquisitions round of $5MM through Revenue Based Funding. By showing synergies and how integration will not require high operations cost, the transaction allowed for no equity loss and favorable terms for borrower.


Running a successful business requires more than hard work. It also requires capital. Altima Business Solutions identifies on your behalf the right lenders and investors, and make the important connections. To discuss how our team can help your business achieve true results, please Contact Us


Altima Business Solutions is a full service Management Consulting Firm specializing in helping business owners maximize efficiency, profitability and company value to improve the lifestyle of employees and management.

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