Stop struggling! Free mentoring.

Arizona Prosperity Initiative is providing a 7 week workshop to instruct, guide and mentor small businesses for growth. Experts will discuss the 7 barriers to success in business:

  • Week 1: Unique Selling Proposition: How to outsell your competitors?
  • Week 2: Execution: What Action Steps To Take To Grow Your Business?
  • Week 3: Storytelling: Who and Where Are Your Ideal Customers?
  • Week 4: Business Finances: How to Manage Them?
  • Week 5: Budgeting: Good Budgets = Achieved Goals!
  • Week 6: Small Business Loan: How to get the money?
  • Week 7: Exit Strategy: How to leave your business well off?




Sign up, space is limited to 15 participants for maximum impact. October 4, 2016 – November 15, 2016


Modeled after Altima Business Solutions’ successful and proven model that leads businesses to grow exponentially. The Arizona Prosperity Initiative is a series of complimentary hands-on workshops designed to help small business owners grow, expand and enjoy a better lifestyle.

During these 7 in-person workshops, entrepreneurs will be given the tools and solutions they need to solve the challenges they are faced with today for immediate results. There are two tracks to the Arizona Prosperity Initiative:

Track 1: You want to attend one or multiple workshops. Simply select the topic of interest and sign up for the corresponding workshop.

Track 2: You want to make a difference in your business today by leveraging the experts’ mentorship. You commit to attend all the workshops. Each week you will solve one of your business challenges. The Subject Matter Experts will critique your solution and provide you with their valuable feedback. There will be an opportunity for one-on-one mentoring. Track 2 is limited to 15 attendees, 2 hours of one-on-one mentoring per week (first come, first serve).


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