An Interview with André F. Wilson from Altima Business Solutions by Rex Parry, The B2B Radio Show, KFNX 1100


This interview was aired this past summer on Rex Parry, The B2B Radio Show, KFNX 1100.



Parry: Welcome back to the show everybody. It’s called the business to business network show. If you just happen to turn on your radio we are talking business, politics, economics, and we cover all kinds of different subjects. Our next guess is André. Give us your last name and introduce yourself please:

Wilson: André Wilson, the “money man”.

Parry: And give us an idea of the organization, your company, describe what you guys do.

Wilson: Altima Business Solutions, we are a full-service management consulting firm. We take companies from what’s now to what’s next. We provide Strategy. We provide Financial Management services, CFO and controller, Capital, access to capital, that’s what myself and my team does. Sales, we design, implement and execute marketing strategies, and execution without accountability is for not so we put together advisory boards to hold management accountable.

Parry: Introduce the members of your team and give us a little bit of their background

Wilson: Yes. Carine Dieudé, she is our Strategy Director. She is also a Partner. Her and her team focus on processes, efficiencies, strategy, strategic planning. Roy Stover, he is a Partner as well. He is a CFO, formerly with GE, Trane Air-conditioning, and Sylvania Lighting International. He heads up the Financial Management (CFO, controller). Myself, I am the Managing Partner, myself and my team we structure and secure funding. Scott Conway, he is not a partner but he is the Director of Marketing. And then the advisory board, it’s adaptable to what the client needs.

Parry: And you are working with all levels of business? Give us an idea maybe of one of the smaller businesses that you worked with, maybe local.

Wilson: Ok. We had a telecom company. When we got them they were a $3 million dollar business. They built cell towers. They had a $250,000 line of credit that had been maxed for so long that the bank actually turned it into a loan and called it.

Parry: Wow!

Wilson: They had 25 employees. We were able to come in. We were able to structure a funding package. The total was $1.8 million. We got $850,000 from the Biltmore Bank. We got $400,000 from an SBA loan and then we got another $350K from the Arizona Commerce Authority. So that’s the kind of expertise that myself and my team brought because there was no way that they would have ever been able to put that together.

Parry: Right

Wilson: Within 18 months they were an $8 million dollar business. They had 50+ employees and thriving

Parry: and multi-state?

Wilson: The second round of funding was for them to open an office in California.

Parry: How interesting. Again, you are the source for helping solve those problems, those funding problems.

Wilson: Well you know, our focus is to empower management to focus 90% or greater of their energies on what moves their needle. Because you go into business because you are great at this. It is the nuances of running your business that cause you to stagnate or decline. So our expertise, our value proposition is #1 we give you access to capital; #2 we actually plug in talent. We put people to work in the boiler room so that the management can get back to steering their ship. Because they are great at what they do. It is easy for them to grow exponentially because they don’t have the concern of ‘how I am going to pay for this’, or ‘my process’, or ‘I am at capacity’, things of that sort.

Parry: Fantastic. Now you and I were about to do this interview and you were on the phone with someone in Luxembourg. Tell us this story.

Wilson: We have a company out of Luxembourg that has a new way of devulcanizing tires.

Parry: Which means recycling tires

Wilson: Yes, recycling tires. Currently, the process allows tires to be recycled so we don’t have those burning tires anymore.

Parry: Smoke, pollution…

Wilson: Exactly! But the current use for them is the smooth surfaces on the freeway and playground. What their technology will do is allow them to grind that material and utilize it so that tire manufacturers can actually use it to make new tires.

Parry: So again, they don’t have to go through that process, they have a resource of raw material.

Wilson: Absolutely. So less destruction of other materials in order to create these materials, that kind of thing.

Parry: And you tie the potential investors. They have a little bit of a background in that industry that you are introducing.

Wilson: Absolutely. When we target an investor, we are targeting an industry specific investor because an investor needs to #1 understand your industry because when the thing with the thing doesn’t go according to plan, and it never does, if you have someone that just gave you money, they understand is ‘you said you’re going to pay me’

Parry: Give me my money with the return


“Arizona is a pioneering state and we need to really capitalize on the opportunities that are here. There are a lot of technologies that are being developed here.” ~ André F. Wilson, Altima Business Solutions


Wilson: Exactly! ‘What do you mean that happened. It has nothing to do with me. Give me my money.’ And we have seen many of businesses go out of business because of conflict with the investors. #2 the investor needs to bring expertise, coaching. They need to bring oversight. They need to bring connections. ‘Hey you know what that technology would be great or that product is great. I have that company over here that can use that”. You know that just helps you scale that much faster.

Parry: And so that’s another thing you bring to the table is that potential to introduce in that industry

Wilson: Absolutely.

Parry: So if there are listeners out there, business people, again you are open for calls

Wilson: Absolutely!

Parry: And you will answer and coach a little bit and give them a little bit of direction of what to do

Wilson: Absolutely. We pride ourselves not only in our internal talents but also our network of influence. We will talk with anyone. There is a lot of opportunities out there. There is a lot of direction. You know we have our own initiative. It’s called the Arizona Prosperity Initiative.

Parry: Excellent!

Wilson: We are talking with economic development, bodies in the government to further the advancement of small businesses because this is the backbone.

Parry: And if we can get here some successes that really grow then all of a sudden we become the Silicon Valley for the Southwest instead of all these jobs being shipped over California and Texas. Texas is going crazy. People from California and businesses are flying right over our state and landing down across. And it’s making me mad!

Wilson: Well you know what, Austin, which we have an office there, because of that, the access to capital. Arizona is a pioneering state and we need to really capitalize on the opportunities that are here. There are a lot of technologies that are being developed here. The fear is and what has happened is that as we get these outside investors coming here, they woo these companies to where they are. If I am in California, I can make an investment in 10 companies and visit them on a regular basis. If I make an investment in Arizona, that’s a day trip for me. And so that’s not as productive as me lending in my own backyard. So they woo them to go where they are. There goes technology. There goes jobs.

Parry: And tching tching

Wilson: And tching tching

Parry: And money. First off, phone number where people can reach you

Wilson: 602 773 1488

Parry: And the website?

Wilson: The website is

Parry: Phone number one more time

Wilson: 602 773 1488

Parry: André, it’s been a great interview. Thank you for coming down. Everybody stay tune. We have to take a break and will be right back.


André Wilson ‘The Banker’, Managing Partner, Business Funding, former Wall Street investment banker, specializes in structuring and securing capital for startup, small and medium size businesses.

Altima Business Solutions is a full service business accelerator specializing in helping business owners maximize efficiency, profitability and company value to improve the lifestyle of employees and management.

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