A staggering 500,000 new businesses are started each month in the US alone. While less than twenty percent survive their first year, that still leaves over one million of new entrepreneurs every year. Amazon, Etsy, etc., have jumped on that increasing market for consumer products related ventures. But without outside funding, what can the rest of the DIY entrepreneurs do to advance their business?

Here are three top resources we have here in the #yesphx entrepreneurial ecosystem in the metro Phoenix area. I am sure you can search for similar ones in your area.


PADT Design Days at CEI

What if you could have access to experts in design and engineering? PADT Design Days at CEI brings the best product experts to help you improve the design, production, protection and commercialization of your innovations. Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies (PADT) engineers will be available to offer one-on-one assistance with all your product development needs, and you can also meet with intellectual property attorneys, SBIR / STTR innovation grant specialists and more!

This event takes place once a month at the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation at Gateway College. Sign up and check it out here.


MAG Mapping Center

Wish you could easily find local clients, competitors or partners? MAG interactive maps are one of the best keep secrets in the Metro Phoenix Area. Developed by the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG), MAG Mapping Center is a collection of interactive mapping and analysis sites for public use, showing data ranging from demographic to employers to land use and more. Their features, queries capabilities and export capacities are vast and it will require a little learning from you to fully grasp their extent. MAG facilitates free training to help you master their fantastic tools. You can find their schedule here.


Plan Pro Review

You have only one chance to make a great first impression! Let me say it again. You have only one chance to make a great first impression! Whether you are ready to pitch your first client, ask for a bank loan or some investment from your friends and family, increase your chances of success. Entrepreneurs are so entangled and entrenched in their ideas that they lose their critical thinking and forget how to ask the right questions. Living and breathing their startup 24/7, bias that all of us humans experience to some degree, gets exacerbated and infused their decision-making. Plan Pro Review gets your plan, financial projections and pitch deck reviewed by our top of the line experts here. If you need more support, check out the products available on the Marketplace, your personal assistant for expert-sourced, custom-searched and reliable answers, without paying MBA prices.


Carine Dieudé is a Partner & Director of Strategy, and Entrepreneurship Aficionado, at Altima Business Solutions: Capital Acquisition, Critical Path, Outsourced CFO, Strategic Selling and Advisory Board, for startup, small and medium-sized businesses.

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