Altima Business Solutions is seeking second-stage startups for API10X spring accelerator program to help the most promising entrepreneurs make an impact.

Focused on founders and their ventures, this concierge accelerator program offers one-on-one mentoring with experts and connections with Altima’s network of industry influencers, among other services.

“Building a product and building a business are two different things. We focus on founders to help them understand what their next best moves are to build an impactful business” said Carine Dieudé, partner and strategy director at Altima Business Solutions.

“It’s not just about the product, the service or the trade. Creating a company that has impact requires designing its business model and management systems to positively influence the results,” Dieudé said.

Startups and small businesses, regardless of industry, that have already proven their concept and have traction are invited to apply for the 12-week impact-driven program, API10X, by March 30, 2018.

API10X started as a summer accelerator program for Arizona State University for Venture Devils startups last May. Altima decided to start a similar program outside of ASU to help other promising companies with a wide range of expertise to solve their core problems and transfer wealth: more traction, more sales, and more profit.

“The goal is to have promising companies get above the noise and be a success story,” Dieudé said. “

Altima Business Solutions, which was founded 18 years ago, supports business owners and entrepreneurs from decision-making to execution with On-Demand Executives and On-Demand Solutions in all five fundamentals of business: Access to Capital, Financial Management, Critical Path, Sales and Accountability. As a result, they transfer tangible wealth to businesses.

Altima is seeking no more than 5 companies for its accelerator program. To apply, click here.



Carine Dieudé is a Partner & Director of Strategy and Entrepreneurship Aficionado at Altima Business Solutionsend-to-end support to entrepreneurs, from decision-making to execution.

Chair of the Mentorship Committee and Director of the Board ?Girls in Tech ?Phoenix. Venture Devils Mentor at Arizona State University and Commercial Reviewer at National Science Foundation SBIR/STTR grants.

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