Benjamin Franklin is famous for many things, from being one of the Founding Fathers of the U.S. to inventing the lightning rod and being on the US$100 note. Maybe less known, he’s also the inventor of a simple but effective decision-making chart: Pros and Cons chart. He himself used it whenever a clear decision could not be made quickly. Rather than spending a countless amount of time with indecision (as he truly understood that time is valuable), he would create a Pro & Cons chart and whichever side was the longest that was his decision. He is known not to contradict his decision once made, therefore, if it was a great tool for one of the first wealthiest men in America, it surely can apply here.

Since my last article “What is a Funding Executive?” I have received many opportunities, but also many inquiries to clarify why a Funding Executive is a viable option. So, I have created a Pro’s and Cons chart, Benjamin Franklin style.

Here is a quick recap of what a Funding Executive is:

A funding executive is a financing expert who interacts with banks and lending institutions on your behalf. They have an in-depth understanding of all the types of business funding as well as a large pool of financing sources. Contrary to a banker, they do not work with one bank or lending institutions but a multitude.

Pros and Cons of Using a Funding Executive

Start a conversation today! Our Funding Executives are here and ready to assist you in achieving your funding objectives, which allows you to focus your valuable time on moving your needle.


Altima Business Solutions has pioneered “Funding as a Service”. Our Funding Executives led by André Fox Wilson Sr., a former Wolf from Wall Street, has mastered understanding and anticipating our clients funding needs. Our performance metrics and model hold all parties accountable to the outcome.

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