Introducing Strategic Selling

Strategic Selling gets you inside your customers’ head by understanding their full range of choices and how you best fit in their lives. Looking beyond your core business, Strategic Selling will clarify and augment your unique proposition to attract new customers and convert them to sales.

How does it work?

You will look at the product fit, the market fit and the competition, and together, we will analyze their strengths and weaknesses. Our experts will fill the gaps, supplementing research and knowledge-based answers to conclude with a solution positioning of your product or service.

Business is people selling a product or service to people who wants to buy it! By understanding how customers make choices, you will better understand your customers and get to more sales, faster.

PRICE: $975

Strategic Selling includes:

  • Expert Brainstorming Work Session (3 hours)
  • Plan Review
  • Fill gaps (max 3 areas)
  • Expert Positioning Design Work Session (2 hours)
  • Strategic Selling Implementation Session (2 hours)