Irrespective of the size of your organization, finances are regarded as the life blood of the business. One of the unavoidable responsibilities for the CEO is to ensure the company has sufficient funding. From beginners to intermediate level, Financial Fitness aligns your finances with your business goals. For master’s level, see our Outsourced CFO services. 

Introducing Financial Fitness – Intermediate Level

Financial Fitness – Intermediate Level – showcases the future performance of your startup, expansion, or projects and the company’s ability to service debt.

How does it work?

You will look at your financial modeling, and together, we will analyze its strengths and weaknesses. Our experts will help you fill the gaps, supplementing knowledge-based answers missing.

With a clear picture of your business’ future performance, showcase how your startup, expansion or project will come to fruition and satisfy your financial backers’ expectations.

PRICE: $1,050

Introducing Financial Fitness – Beginners Level

When bootstrapping your startup is not quite enough and early funding from “friends, family and fools” is your recourse, Financial Fitness – Beginners’ Level – asks for specific amounts for specific milestones.

How does it work?

You will look at the initial stages of your business for the next 12 months and with the help of our experts, articulate your first budget.

  • Financial discussion (3 hours)
  • Review budget (4 hours)

PRICE: $525

Introducing Accounting – Beginner Level

With so many hats to wear as an early-stage company CEO, accurate financial reporting is as critical to your decision-making as it is to your financial backers.

  • Data Entry up to 2 bank accounts & 2 credit cards
  • Accounts Payable, processed once per month
  • Accounts Receivable, processed once per month
  • Reconciliation of each account
  • Sales Tax online (1 state & 1 city)
  • Reports to Company Owner/principal
  • Annual Tax communication to preparer
  • 1099’s processing & distribution
  • Set Up fee is $190

Additional Details of Services

  • For small businesses with fewer than 6 employees, including the owner(s).
  • Accounts Payable is for up to 10 vendor payments through your company’s bill pay.
  • Client Invoicing is for up to 10 invoices processed monthly.  Detail of invoice is provided by client.
  • Accounting Reports include – Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet.
  • Reconciliation is of each bank/credit card accounts.
  • Receipt scanning will be handled through Dropbox or Neat, at your preference.  Scanning of receipts is the client’s responsibility.

PRICE: $250/Mo.

Additional Services to Fit Your Specific Needs.

Accounting Catch - $250.00

We can assist you with entering old accounting data or cleaning up existing info. Purchase this item and we can help in 4 hour blocks of time.  Any unused time will be refunded.


QuickBooks Plus Edition - $19.00/Mo.

Our service fees include QuickBooks Essentials.  If you need QuickBooks Plus features, such as Budgeting, Purchase Order, add this feature to upgrade.

Customized Package

If our package and options do not fit your circumstances or specific needs, we will be more than happy to customize our services to fit your business like a glove. Let’s talk.

Monthly Payroll Service - From $38 to $55/Mo,

This service includes the software fee, processing payroll on your schedule, and filing taxes on your behalf. Fees do not include payroll tax fees. Payments made on behalf of client (if included) but monies will be client responsibility. The fee is based on the number of employees and frequency of payroll. Up to 6 employees.